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The Official Language

Gjuha Shqipe
The Albanian language is an Indo-European Languages ​​and represented a family in the specific Branch of Indo-European gjuhёve. Greek geographer Ptholemeous, has proven the existence of Albanians and Albanian that of the language in the second century of wind.

The name "Albania" zёvёndёsoi name of "oldest" Arbёri "(or Arbani) at the end of the seventeenth century, due to the new historical conditions be created in this period. This was behalf purpose to give importance redistributed to name the country connectivity and the language, which at that time was called "English". 

 The first written document of the language Albanian contemporary relation to the year 1462. The first literary work "Missal" (John Buzuku) was published in 1555, and that by that time the Albanian language has been developed in two main dialects, particularly during the period of the National Revival Albanian: 

"Gegёrisht", ie the language spoken in the north of Albania; 
"Toskёrisht", ie the language spoken in the south of Albania.

 The language Albanian alphabet has 36 letters literary and latin alphabet is used, approved by Congress in 1908 Bitola's National Albanian language (spoken and written) and is also used in some parts of the Albanian-populated Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.