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Urë Vajgurore is a municipality in Berat County, central Albania. Ura Vajgurore is a town in the District of Berat in Albania.


Ruins of feet built bridge Gorica style of that found as a witness to the existence of early inhabitants of the first foundation of the later town. The city today has originated from displacement of residents of villages around almost 100 years ago.

Building bridges in different periods of history on the banks of the river has been the continuity of city life, known by various names, such as "Bridge of Hasan Bey" etc., but the name comes from an existing cement iron bridge, which believed to be built by the Italians that the tubes used for transfer of oil from Kucova go to Vlore, residents call the Old Bridge. Today is a small provincial town, with his normal life, transition joints between Berat and Kucova.

The town is situated near the mountains bases and Osum river.

The population is composed of a mix between locals who are on the other side of town, with mostly adjectives Orthodox and the rest of origin, immigrants of the 1960s onwards, come from villages above Berat, and from nearby villages as Fief, Kutalli, Konizbalte, etc..

Primarily a middle-aged population decrease, which stand out very young. Like all societies in transition here, in recent years seen increased immigration external and internal, and immigration of people from mountainous villages of Berat. The economy is recognized early for surface mining of stone, recently for processing granulated stone, lime, etc.. The main activities are trade, transport, etc..

Being a provincial area does not differ to any maximum level of cultural activities, however there are a considerable number of educated residents with higher education in relation to the population. There are few familiar characters that originate from this city, like Lazarus Fype writer - cannot leave without mention the group spun poly of this city.

Tend to be left primarily to the economic needs of people left a force must have priority, but no elected as mayor or deputy, did almost nothing to improve infrastructure or economic situation of citizens. For both at central and local level prevails nepotism, corruption, selfishness of the people remains the only hope that one day transition will be just the thing of the past.