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Lëkurësi Castle

Lëkurësi Castle is a ruined castle in Lëkurës, southern Albania. The castle is located on a strategic hill point overlooking the town of Saranda, southeast of the town centre. From here one can control the whole town as well as the islands of Ksamil.

The castle of Lëkurës was built in 1537 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who had attacked Corfu and needed to control the harbor of Saranda and the road that connected it with Butrint.

The castle used to withhold the old Lëkurës village. It has a square shape with two round towers on its north-western and south-eastern corners. To climb up to the castle, visitors need to leave the main road on Qafë Gjashtë and go up the town hill from the other side of the town.

On the ruins of the old castle, tourists can enjoy a meal in the local restaurant which is build in the style and with similar materials to the castle.