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University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa"

University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" in Tirana is the largest medical institution in Albania and academic health institution is the only one of its kind being classified as the only Albanian tertiary medical center.

Currently QSUT provides outpatient healthcare services to about 150,000 people a year, hospital care for over 60,000 people a year and emergency service for about 200,000 people a year.

University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" in figures

Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" is located in the north-east of Tirana and occupies an area of ​​165,000 m2. In relation to links and contact area bounded on the west side QSUT with "Bardulj" Dibra Street north-south road "Congress Monastery", from birth Çabej Eqerem schools and housing. This compound is characterized by 1-6 storey buildings. The campus is comprised of 9 hospital facilities, with a capacity of 1,612 beds and provides medical assistance to the daily average of 400 patients hospitalized.

Our employees in the service of patients

TUHC is composed of a total number of 2,297 employees, of whom 1,664 are medical staff, 266 employees in the services and administrative workers and 175 are specialized people faculty of medicine. In hospital employs 44 doctors with the title Professor, 146 doctors of varying degrees, of whom 128 are professors doctors Tirana Faculty of Medicine, nurses and technicians 63 1170. Based on its mission QSUT has a fairly large event, not only to provide medical assistance to qualify for inpatient, outpatient flow of patients, but serves as a reference center for patients from across the country.

Use of structures and services QSUT

During the year, the influx of patients admitted to the University Hospital Center is approximately 60,000.
Of the total number of patients discharged able to heal and improve 81.4%.

Surgical Interventions
The total number of surgical interventions performed during a year is 18,342, of which:

  • 1001 Neurosurgery Intervention
  • 525 cardiac surgery
  • 891 vascular interventions
Emergency Service
An important activity is the Emergency University Hospital Center:

  • The total number of emergency 210 460;
  • Pediatric Emergency 45%;
  • Emergency internal diseases 28%;
  • Emergency surgical 16%;
  • The urgency of infectious diseases 9%.
Phone: 00355 4 2349233
Urgency (Tirana): 00355 4 2222235
Dibra Street, Nr.372, Tirana (View where is the map)